EPA Certified Renovator

Zierman Plumbing Santa Maria
EPA Certified Renovator

Zierman Plumbing is now an EPA Certified Renovator!

What does that mean to you?

We are certified by the EPA to perform remodels, repairs, to homes where lead in paint was used (prior to 1979). In being a Certified Renovator, we are trained in how to properly contain the potential lead dust generated by repairs. It is becoming a major issue in the plumbing and construction industry. Many are not aware or even ready for it. At Zierman Plumbing, we’re ready!

If your contractor or repair company is caught doing such work without a CR inspection prior to and after the repairs to ensure a proper containment, they are subject to a fine. It is a safety issue, especially for children due to the potential for lead poisoning which is ingested or inhaled when the dust is present or generated from such repairs.

All homes prior to 1978 most likely had lead in the paint used to paint them. One can no longer even pressure wash a house unless one goes through the expense of proving (costly and time consuming) that no lead is present. It must be assumed therefore, that all homes prior to 1979, have lead in the paint. We want to make it clear we are currently trained and approved by the EPA as a Certified Renovator, and this is a Federal mandate.

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Friendly, courteous and experienced where customer service is more than a slogan! And now, EPA Certified!