Secret Tips From Our Plumbers

November 10, 2020 |

The passage of sanitary and other waste fluids through the distribution pipes and drainage systems placed below the surface of your house to the sewers or gutters is known as plumbing. The system is responsible for disposing of wastewater through your drainage and sanitary systems. Any halt to the circulation of this plumbing system severely…

How to choose the right plumbing company in Santa Maria

October 30, 2020 |

Choosing among the different types of plumbing companies that exist is very difficult. It is necessary to know a specific company’s work procedure mode and if the law itself supports it. However, we, as customers, have our own preferences. We have the right to choose which company to choose among the several that exist such…

Summer Plumbing Tips

May 24, 2019 |

With summer around the corner, homeowners may not think of their pipes when preparing for summer activities. Events like barbeques, kids’ parties and game nights can really put some pressure on your pipes. The things you put in your garbage disposal, flush down your toilet or rinse off in your sinks may not be given…

How to Clean Out Your Drains

April 26, 2019 |
How to Clean Your Drain

Dealing with a clogged drain is another headache for a homeowner, especially if you are in the middle of using your sink. With the everyday items that we believe are “disposable”, only a certain amount of those items can be disposed of down your drains. Here is a quick guide on what can be clogging…

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: Which is Better For Your Home?

April 1, 2019 |

If you’re looking for the best heating unit to keep your home warm, there are several options to consider. One of the classic options is a furnace, which uses a natural gas flame to heat air and then spread that hot air around your home. If you want to go super “old school,” there’s also…

Tips on how to Conserve Water

December 14, 2018 |
Pipe Relining Project Completion

Over the last five years or so, our natural water supply levels have been receding to their lowest levels since the late 1970s; the State of California’s legislative branch is issuing mandatory cutbacks and urging all of its residents to conserve this precious commodity in any way possible. Here at Zierman Plumbing, we fully understand…

How to Find the right Plumber

October 31, 2018 |
Zierman Plumbing team

Every homeowner needs a plumber that they can trust, but finding one isn’t always an easy task. First time and veteran homeowners alike often struggle to find the right person for the job. Whether it’s finding a plumber near you, determining if they have the proper qualifications or understanding the risks of using an unlicensed…

What is a drain stack in plumbing?

September 14, 2018 |
Water heater maintenance near me

Did you know that there’s a vertical pipe that spans through your home that serves as the central channel for your entire plumbing system?   The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) defines a stack as a primary pipeline for any water or waste system that spans through one or more floors of a building or home.…

What are the risks of using a plumber without a license?

August 6, 2018 |
Zierman Plumbing team

Did you know California plumbers are only required to be licensed for plumbing jobs that cost over $500? Your would-be quick-fix leaky-faucet could become a major headache if done by a plumber that is inexperienced and unlicensed. As a licensed plumbing contractor ourselves, we understand the level of knowledge involved in maintaining our licensed status…

Plumbing Tips and Tricks

July 23, 2018 |

Here are five plumbing tips to save you from any plumbing mishaps around the house. Plumbing issues happen all to often and when they do, it seems like you life is at a stand still until you get it figured out. Stop your sink’s sprayer from jamming. Use pipe insulation to prevent your sprayer from…