Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Here are five plumbing tips to save you from any plumbing mishaps around the house.

Plumbing issues happen all to often and when they do, it seems like you life is at a stand still until you get it figured out.

Stop your sink’s sprayer from jamming.
Use pipe insulation to prevent your sprayer from jamming.
If your sink’s sprayer hose is giving you trouble when you try to pull it out, you may need to wrap your sprayer’s tube with insulation. The exposed pipe is most likely jamming on something and smoothing out the pipe with insulation is an easy way to fix that.

Do you have creaking pipes?
You can wrap your pipes in felt to quiet them down.
If you have copper pipes, you may have experienced some creaking sounds, especially when running hot water. Grab some adhesive-backed felt and cut it into strips. Remove your pipes from their hangers and wrap the pipes with felt. This should stop your pipes from making that annoying creaking sound.

Vacuum your drain.
Use a shop vac to remove any large objects from your drain.
Ever dropped a toothbrush or small item into your drain? It’s not the end of the world – in fact – it’s a really easy and quick fix. Just grab your shop vac, or rent one out for cheap and use it to remove whatever items are lodged in your drain.

Fill a bucket full of water before starting a plumbing project.
While your water valve is shut off during your plumbing project, keep a bucket of water handy.
You don’t have to run off to a public bathroom to do your business. Keep a 2 gallon bucket of water on hand while you work on your plumbing project. If you gotta go, just pour that two gallon bucket of water into the toilet bowl. It’ll flush like normal, and you’ll get about one flush per 2-gallon bucket.