How to Clean Out Your Drains

Dealing with a clogged drain is another headache for a homeowner, especially if you are in the middle of using your sink. With the everyday items that we believe are “disposable”, only a certain amount of those items can be disposed of down your drains. Here is a quick guide on what can be clogging your sink and how to unclog your kitchen drains.

Is My Drain Really Clogged Again?

Besides the obvious indicator of a full sink of water, there are other ways to know your drains are clogged. A clogged sink is the result of the build-up of debris over a period of time. This build-up will not only stop the normal flow of water but will also cause bad odors, insects, and flooding if not treated.

If you are noticing the water you’re using for your dishes is slowly draining, then your drains are beginning to be clogged.

Have you noticed a foul odor in your kitchen after taking out the trash?

That may be your kitchen sink asking for some TLC. We may be accustomed to putting what we think is okay in the garbage disposal, but in reality we are causing our drain to clog. Sticky substances and grease poured down the drain can stick to the walls of the pipe and cause a slow and smelly build up.

Another sign can be rust.

Rust is never a good sign, especially if it is on the bottom of your sink. This can indicate a more serious problem in your pipes. When minerals such as iron is exposed to humid air, erosion occurs in the pipes. This makes it way down the sink and to the pipes, causing rust. This problem is best dealt with in the early stages.

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

A rinse and quick wipe through might be okay for the counters, but your sink can be a bit more sensitive. Items such as grease liquid cleaners and what you put in your garbage disposal, like discussed earlier, can determine the life of your drain. Avoid pouring any oils and grease in the drain and dispose of them by wiping down the pan with a paper towel.

If your kitchen sink does get clogged, there are simple ways to clear your drain again such as

  • Chemical drain cleaners
  • Natural ingredient drain cleaners
  • Your local hardware store products

Sometimes a drain is too far gone or a DIY project does not seem possible. This is when your local plumber can come in and save the day.

We are here and ready to help with any of your kitchen sink needs. We have the proper tools, the experience and are licensed to do the job right and leave your drain working like new again.

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