Summer Plumbing Tips

With summer around the corner, homeowners may not think of their pipes when preparing for summer activities. Events like barbeques, kids’ parties and game nights can really put some pressure on your pipes. The things you put in your garbage disposal, flush down your toilet or rinse off in your sinks may not be given a second thought until it is too late. Here are a few ways you can protect your pipes this coming summer.

Your Garbage Disposal is not for Garbage

Yes, you read that right. Although your garbage disposal is made for disposing, the cobs from your barbeque should not be thrown down your pipes. Fruit skins or pits are not any better. These types of food can jam your disposal and cause bigger problems down the road such as leaks and blockage. Keep trash bags handy to through out large pieces of food at your barbeque.

Outside Adventures In your Home?

Camping trips, ATVs and beach days are fun, but the mess its brings home is not fun for your pipes. Large pieces of dirt, mud, or sand should be handled outside when washing up after a long fun adventure. This will leave less minerals in your pipes which can cause build up and can cause blockage overtime. If you find this to be a problem and notice your water beginning to slowly drain, call Zierman Plumbing to clear your pipes and get ready for your next summer adventure!

Sprinkler Overload

Everyone loves a fresh green lawn, but over watering your lawn can lead to spots of mud and a large water bill. Finding the right time to water your lawn would save you both time and money. Its recommended to water your lawn in the early morning or late evening when the sun can’t immediately dry out your lawn. Also don’t forget to be careful while mowing your lawn. Sprinklers and lawn mowers don’t mix and no one wants to sit in the hot sun and replace their sprinklers.

We Love Our Pets

We all love our pets, they are apart of our family but some of them shed a bit more than we would like. Just like our hair, their fur can get stuck in the drains and pipes and begin to build up. Grooming your pets and cleaning your drains regularly can help keep the flow of your pipes all summer long!

How can Zierman Plumbing Help

Here at Zierman Plumbing, we are a full service plumbing contractor that specializes in installation and service of all plumbing, heating and drain service. We also are familiar with all brands, so we are able to install, maintain and repair any you may have in your home.

Our wonderful technicians are here for you. We will not only perform the maintenance, installation or repair but will also explain the process, provide the best options for your situation and will guide you to making the best decision by answering any of your questions. We are EPA certified Renovators meaning we have the training and knowledge to do the job in the most efficient way possible and we offer a complete line of maintenance services.

Have a plumbing emergency?

Give us a call! We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service and weekend services too!

If you find that your pipes are not ready for all your summer fun, call us at Zierman Plumbing today!