What is a drain stack in plumbing?

Did you know that there’s a vertical pipe that spans through your home that serves as the central channel for your entire plumbing system?


The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) defines a stack as a primary pipeline for any water or waste system that spans through one or more floors of a building or home.


Drain Stack Operation

All the drains of your sinks, appliances, and showers as well as toilets drain into this central vertical pipe. As you’ve probably guessed by now, this pipe serves a pivotal role in the daily functions of your home and any issues related to it can become a big problem!


Most pipes that drain into this vertical stack have a small bend in them called a U-bend. The U shape of this pipe allows for a small amount of water to fill the bottom of the U. This water serves as a seal to keep odor from escaping back into your home.


External Venting

Residential homes in Santa Maria usually use external venting, meaning, the vent stack vents through the roof of the home. Externally vented homes can run into a lot of problems, especially if there is a lot of tree cover. These vents can easily, any very often do, get clogged by leaves and other debris, causing major problems in your plumbing system’s ability to drain waste water. If you notice that all of your home’s drains are having issues draining, hold off on the Drain-O and call a professional plumbing technician to come take a look at your external vent.


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