Summer Is Over: What’s On Your To-Do List?

Plumber checking pipes under kitchen sink.

Another summer has come to a close. The kids are back in school, vacations are finished, the pool is covered, and everyone is searching for the first signs of fall in the air.

The close of such a busy season often brings more free time, meaning homeowners everywhere have a few more minutes to spare on plumbing maintenance.

So what should be on your plumbing checklist as summer fades away and cooler temperatures set in? Check out this to-do list and keep your home running smoothly all year long:

Inspect your Hoses and Hose Bibs

Hoses get a workout over the summer, whether you’ve been filling the pool, watering the garden, or spraying the kids down in the backyard. All that wear and tear can take a toll on your hoses and hose bibs, causing cracks or leaks which can lead to water damage and high water bills.

A great way to inspect your hose bib is by covering the opening of the faucet with your thumb and turning the water on. A great build up of pressure, and the inability to hold all that water back, means your hose bib is in working order.

The lack of any pressure build-up can mean there is a leak somewhere, and it may be time to call in a professional. The end of summer is the perfect time to check on these items because they will largely go unused -and be forgotten- over the colder months. As always, a frost-proof hose bib is an excellent choice if you live in a cold climate.

Water Heater

What better time to inspect your water heater than when it has been sitting idle for several months? Flushing the tank once a year and keeping an eye on your water heater’s anode rod can greatly extend the life of the unit.

The anode rod protects the water heater from corroding, and left alone for too long can take a toll on the appliance. Taking the time to correct any issues now can save your family a lot of trouble come winter time. After all, no one wants to be stuck taking a cold shower in the middle of December!

Sewer Lines

The warm weather of summer meant lush greenery and tree growth in your yard, and with this growth comes the danger of roots interfering with sewer lines. Make sure to cover any exposed piping to protect it from cold weather, and do a thorough check for cracks or damage.

A break in one of these lines could be devastating to your yard or home, so having them checked at the end of the summer is always wise. A hairline crack in the warm months could easily turn into a burst pipe in freezing temperatures.


Vacations, swimming, and the intense heat of summer mean more wear and tear on your washing machine. Picnics, pot lucks, and barbecues mean dirty dishes and more usage of the dish washer.

It’s true- your appliances sure take a beating in the summer time! A thorough check that they are working properly with no leaks or cracks will keep your appliances running strong all year.

Inspect the hoses behind your washing machine for damage, because a cracked hose means a flooded laundry room and a headache for you.

Make sure to inspect all gaskets on your dishwasher door for cracks, check for rust, and regularly clean any filters, screens, or sprayer arms to keep the machine running well for years to come.


Taking a few minutes to check these items and maintain the plumbing in your home can save you money and hours of potential damage-control in the future.

By assuring that everything is running smoothly at the end of summer, you can ensure a happy, disaster-free winter for your home. Let your family enjoy the season and forget about busted pipes, cold showers, and leaky appliances.

Being one step ahead of these disasters is the best way to keep your home’s plumbing in prime shape.