Inspect Your Heater Before Winter Hits

Winter is the perfect time to curl up, watch a family movie, and drink something warm in your cozy home. But what happens when your home isn’t cozy at all, but instead is much too chilly? If your heater isn’t in working order, a warm night at home can quickly become unbearable. Proper heater repair and maintenance is essential, especially before the winter season hits.

If your heater has been sitting idle for almost a year, it’s important to make sure that it works properly before you really need it. Servicing your heating system once a year can ensure that your winter nights stay warm. Professional heating services—or in Zierman’s case, professional heating and plumbing services—are specially trained in how to keep your heater at peak performance.

What might a heating specialist do to improve your system?

They thoroughly inspect everything, from air filters to thermostats to blower shafts. Just like you wouldn’t ever let your sink or car or fridge go a year without cleaning and maintenance, it’s important to never let your heater go a full year without an inspection. After all, when you use your heater for the first time in a while, you don’t want it blowing dust and dirt into your home!

Heating specialists will make sure your furnace is in optimal condition

Heating specialists will examine your furnace inside and out for any necessary cleaning or repairs. They evaluate the motor and fan belt, examine drain lines, and check the blower for dust or debris.

They also check your ductwork for any cracks and leaks, pay attention to any unusual noise or odors, and make sure your heating unit isn’t vibrating or shaking too heavily.

An expert in heating repair and maintenance is always sure to check that the thermostat is turning on and off at the correct temperature, and they also evaluate any electrical connections.

Heating repair and maintenance for your safety

Up to 75% of reported heater failure in the winter is simply due to a lack of maintenance. Heating repair and maintenance is not only an issue of making sure that you and your family are warm in the winter, but it’s also an issue of safety.

Heating experts check for carbon monoxide leaks, any harmful substances in your ductwork, and change any air filters so that you can be sure that you’re breathing in clean air.

Faulty heating systems can also increase your monthly energy bills, because the heater is working much harder to try reach the desired temperature. Dirty air filters, an improperly lubricated motor, or obstructed blowers can all prevent your system from being as efficient and functional as it is meant to be.

Don’t be left in the cold this winter. Be sure to inspect your system now, while you still have time to make any necessary repairs before you really need to use it. No one wants to pay extra on their electric bills, put themselves at risk, or have undesirable odors filling their home.

A heating inspection and cleaning can prevent these issues now, before they become urgent.