We Can See Inside Your Pipes

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your plumbing looks like? Have you ever been curious about where all of your water goes or how your pipes get blocked?

With new technology, Zierman plumbing can now see inside your pipes.

New waterproof cameras, specially designed to be lowered through piping, can offer us never-before-seen visual inspections of plumbing systems.

These cameras, attached to flexible rods, can maneuver around corners and even through pipes as narrow as two inches across. These images are viewed in real-time, and can be saved for later examination or for insurance purposes.

The potential benefits of these new cameras are several. First, they have revolutionized the way that plumbers identify blockages.

Previously, there really wasn’t a way to be sure what the cause of your blockage might be. Plumbers like Zierman would be able to push out the blockage into the sewer lines but weren’t able to enter the pipes and positively identify the issue.

If the blockage was a one-time problem like a foreign object in the pipe, this wasn’t a problem.

But if the blockage was reoccurring, like pipe damage or roots entering the pipes, a plumber might not realize it until the third or fourth visit.

These cameras are also very beneficial when it comes to pipe examination. Before, if your pipe was damaged or old, we would have to excavate your entire pipeline in order to discover which areas needed to be replaced.

Now, you save huge amounts of time and money on sewer line repair through video inspections.

The camera can immediately identify which pipes truly need replacement and which don’t, meaning that we only have to excavate specific points instead of your whole front yard.

Further, a video sewer inspection can reveal problems that would otherwise take multiple visits to confirm.

For example, it’s very common for roots to go so deep into the ground that they start burrowing into your piping.

A video inspection will be able to distinguish a root blockage from a regular blockage, and can therefore help plumbers know which procedures are necessary.

Our video inspections are also very useful when it comes to finding lost items. Until now, there really wasn’t a way to look through pipes and see if a lost item was still in the pipe or if it had been washed away into the sewer mainline.

If you’ve dropped jewelry or an important item down the drain, a video inspection can travel through your pipes to see if it’s possible to retrieve it.

Finally, video inspections can save time and money. Instead of digging up your pipes, visiting again and again and working on your pipes with trial and error, or aimlessly fishing for a lost item—these video inspections can provide your answer right away, with zero guesswork.

They can eliminate the need for costly repairs by identifying exact problems, and are extremely useful when it comes to inspecting your entire sewer line.

Further, these inspections can be used before remodeling or buying a home to ensure that you won’t have a plumbing problem dropped in your lap down the line.